Hey anyone who actually reads this blog! I have just recently began to write for the website Korean Indie, and you can check out my posts there. Therefore, I won’t be updating this blog as… Continue reading

[ALBUM REVIEW] Waa Wei – We Still Need to Believe in Love, Bastards (还是要相信爱情啊混蛋们)

I’ve always admired Waa Wei and her music. Her material is very sweet and elegant, and her voice has great versatility. But her stuff never stood out for me personally, since it can… Continue reading

[ALBUM REVIEW] Valen Hsu (许茹芸) – Miracle (奇迹)

Out of all the countries’ music I listen to, I’d have to say that I’m most impressed with China/Taiwan’s orchestral pop. “Orchestral pop” has a negative connotation with most people, and with good reason;… Continue reading

[ALBUM REVIEW] Lee Seung Hwan – Fall To Fly

I was really excited when I heard that Lee Seung Hwan was releasing a new album, because his most last album, Dreamizer, was such good pop music; it didn’t take itself too seriously, but… Continue reading


2013 was a good year for music. It gave me a handful of gems of albums that have truly influenced me as a person and musician. So.. without further ado: the best albums… Continue reading

[ALBUM REVIEW] Yaya – Cruel Picture

There truly is no one in the world like Yaya. When I first discovered Yaya last year, I was blown away. Her music was like nothing I had heard before; it pushed all… Continue reading

[MINI-ALBUM REVIEW] Saram12saram – Raindrop, Cloud, Typhoon, and the Sun

Saram12saram‘s recent album, “Raindrop, Cloud, Typhoon, and the Sun” came out of left field and proved itself to be one of the most impressive releases of the year. The duo released marvelous previews… Continue reading

[MINI-ALBUM REVIEW] Zion. T – Mirrorball

News that Zion. T was releasing a single album was a year-end treat. Because of the consistent quality of his collaborations and releases, it has become a given that whatever he does will… Continue reading

[ALBUM REVIEW] SellinSellySelline (셀린셀리셀리느) – L’enfant Noir (검은 아이)

Great albums fall into several different categories. They can be praised for being inventive, relatable, complex — the list goes on. But I think one of the rarest types of a great album… Continue reading

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